My services

Project Engineering for E&I

I can share my various field experience to make a strong project design.

E&I System Commissioning & Inspection

High quality inspection and Commissioning for various systems.(VMS, PMS, F&G and etc)

System Maintenance

Rig maintenance experience will give you a practical solution.

What else I provide?

Precise Inspection & Reporting

Providing exact data to complete your project.

Good Communication

Open-mindedness communication will give you more strength.


Keep developing of your working environment and system.

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My Strength

Excellent Computer Skill
Good Knowledge of Automation System and Server Administration
Engineering, Commissioning and Maintenance for E&I systems
Good Communication Skill and Social Relationship

What my colleague say

Mr. Lee has demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the instrumentation and
Kongsberg systems on the four deep-water drilling vessels. He is reliable, has a
good work ethic, organizational skills and combined with his technical ability is a star
performer in our team. Additionally he has an impressive ability in evaluating and
troubleshooting a system.

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Martin Nowakowski
Commissioning Manager - AtwoodOceanics Drillship Project

During his time with OOG, Mr. Lee has demonstrated that with his dedicated leadership and experience regarding the different disciplines and systems and their working relationship within the Drillships it has enabled the final commissioned outcome of the Drillships, using the rules and regulations relative to various stardards and classifications that the end user will be delivered quality DP-3 Drillships.

Ken Clewes
Project Manager - Odebrecht Oil & Gas Drillship Project

Gi Won is one of the senior lead engineers working in our team, and has the responsibility for several ongoing projets. He has a high level of knowledge and work capacity, and is and invaluable resource for other team members and myself.

Hans Christian Hagevik
Site Manager - LNG & Offshore Projects, Kongsberg Maritime AS

My work

Who am I ?

Experience with Engineering & Commissioning for ICS (VMS) in Oil & Gas Company.

  1. Commissioning/Engineering
  2. Review & Approval FAT, CP, CAT procedures
  3. On board inspection
  4. Electrical / Automation system Maintenance on the rig


Various Experience with Kongsberg Integrated Control System

  1. S/W configuration experience for various Marine & Offshore Systems.

Machinery, PMS, Thruster, Ballast, Bilge, VFD, F&G, ESD, HVAC and etc.

  1. Expert with FIELDBUS Technology and Serial interface configuration.
  2. Expert with various systems integration.
Automation System Commissioning
E&I System Commissioning & Inspection
E&I System Engineering
E&I System Maintenance


About me

Hello! I’m Giwon

I’m an E&I engineering, commissioning and system maintenance specialist.

I’ve been working in many Marine and Oil & Gas projects since 2004.

Information of my qualification on this web are in keeping with your position requirement.

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